Anti-epidemic, self-sterilizing Press/open Button Key

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Anti-epidemicAble to press elevator buttons, indirectly touch doorknobs/ handles, open drawers in public places without touching with your hands. Avoid any direct contact with potentially infectious objects.Self-sterilizingBuilt-in sponge absorbs and stores disinfectant which performs auto-sterilizing. The contacted stick surfaces connect to the sponge to kill bacteria once you close the cover and prepare for the next use.Refillable & Low-costRequires only 4-5 drops of alcohol disinfectant for the sponge. To achieve the best disinfection result, we recommend to re-drip everyday.Easy to UseSimply open the front/side cover to use, and close after usage without cleaning.PortableLightweight, slim and pen-shaped design for storing in your handbags, purses and even pockets.Non-slip GrippingProvide you with a stable grip without slipping from smooth & rounded doorknobs.Wide ApplicationsSuitable for officers, students, deliverymen, commuters and anyone. How to Use:Before use, drip 4-5 drops of alcohol disinfectant into the sponge.Open the front cover to press elevator buttons.Open the side cover to clip & pull the door handle. Remember to close the covers after using, as the tip & clip connect the disinfected sponge to automatically kill virus.